Our racing heritage

We've raced in national and GP meetings, so racing is in our blood.

Tony Green

A racer from the late 60's until the early 80's himself, Tony has racing in his blood. He raced at his first ever meeting in Staverton, 1969 - no spectating for him. In fact, he raced before he even had a driving licence.

Tony raced at all the major circuits in the 70's and 80's. And Crikey Corner at Wroughton was the place he learned to overtake first, its sharp turn hidden by a rise surprising many an inexperienced rider. He raced with friends in bikes and sidecars, and while many of his friends went on to win at GP level, Tony grew more interested in tuning and exhausts.


Photo of hands on exhaust pipeAll our work is hand-crafted, lovingly designed and thoroughly tested by experts.


Photo of race trackEvery pipe that leaves our workshop is tuned for optimum performance on the track.

Classic racers & collectors

Photo of racing bikesWe serve collectors, enthusiasts, riders and racing teams from all over the world.

Easy To Book

Photo of diaryIt's easy to book your bike in. Just call us on 01793 854 770 and we'll book a slot for you.